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Tag: Herbicides

What's that collection of numbers and letters all about? Get to know the next big, bad pesticide in conventional agriculture.
If the key to saving monarchs is growing more milkweed, why aren’t we walking around with pockets full of seed?
Bus blues: Cities like Pittsburgh and Boston are having to make drastic cuts in bus and train service as the economic crisis continues to provide them with lower-than-expected tax revenues. For an extra dose of irony, these... read more >
Unlike most of my neighbors in the Boston suburb where I once lived, I never used the services of one of those lawn-care companies that come around with tank trucks to spray customers’ yards. I was philosophically opposed to... read more >
Big commodity farmers love Monsanto Company’s so-called “Roundup Ready” crops, which now account for 70 percent of the corn and 90 percent of the soybeans grown in the United States. Little wonder. Monsanto’s seeds are... read more >
We all know that many organic grocers in the US have identified some great fair-trade and pesticide-free suppliers overseas, Whole Foods being one of them. But did you know that they get their bananas from a university farm... read more >