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Tag: Health

Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
A new study says a federal cap-and-trade policy could pay for itself ten times over with health benefits.
Are the additives in our food safe? The government doesn’t know, either.
Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
Journalist Dan Fagin traverses grand canyons of chemical, medical, and epidemiological scholarship in his book 'Toms River,' which just won the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction.
Five #greenreads to enjoy if your bracket busted way too early (thanks for nothing, Ohio State).
Despite numerous scientific studies showing BPA-free plastic still poses risks to human health, the plastic industry is waging a “Big Tobacco” style campaign to bury the evidence.
Documents reveal that the FDA allows antibiotics in animal feed despite its own studies showing risk to human health.
After decades spent washing its hands of concerns about antibacterial soaps, the government is finally taking action on a potentially harmful ingredient: triclosan.
Are you trimming the tree with a potential hazard to your child's health?
Are you raising 'Generation Toxic?' Here’s how to keep your kids safe from some of the worst chemicals that could damage their development.
We’ve known for years that lead seriously impairs early childhood development. Now scientists are finding that our kids’ brains are at risk from a barrage of other common chemicals.
Why canned and frozen foods should get a little more respect.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
There’s no way to link the Deepwater Horizon blowout to dolphin deaths, mutated animals, and other strange occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico without toxicology studies. And few are getting funded.
The agency is abusing a legal loophole to let products like nanosilver be used in clothing and baby blankets without ensuring their safety.