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Tag: Food Waste

Massachusetts is banning businesses from dumping leftovers in landfills. So what’s the best alternative?
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Six #greenreads to dip in colorful vinegar and hide in the yard.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Why canned and frozen foods should get a little more respect.
“Sell by” labels are confusing and meaningless. There are a lot better ways to determine if your food is safe to eat.
What happens when you throw a raging Independence Day party at a house older than the nation itself? You think a lot about abundance, gardening, patriotic ghosts, and the irrevocable distance between now and then.
Those leftovers you’ll throw away after the big holiday meal have hidden environmental costs. Before you even stick the bird in the oven, here’s how to cut back. No need to thank us.
What if our garbage system were smart enough to inform waste collectors, recyclers, and resellers what we've just tossed into it? We may be closer than you think.
Thanksgiving dinner is a rare American meal, and not just because it's an annual event celebrated with family and friends. This day of gratitude tends to spin off the yummiest of leftovers, so mercifully little food ends up... read more >
A film about Dumpster diving takes on the nation’s massive food waste problem, and a popular grocery store chain.
One-third of all food produced globally -- 1.3 billion tons -- is lost or wasted every year, a new study says. In 2010, OnEarth contributing editor Laura Wright examined her own trash bin and asked how we can all cut back on what we throw out.
We throw away a lot of food. If you'd like to cut down on food waste, a few red wriggler worms will be happy to help.
They will be slammed, sliced, top-spinned and smashed. In fact, by the time the US Open's over, all 60,000 or so of Wilson's finest will be beaten silly by the likes of Federer, Wozniacki, and Nadal. But this isn't the end... read more >
Recently OnEarth senior editor Laura Wright talked to KCRW, the public radio station in Los Angeles, about her story in the magazine's Spring 2010 issue: "How to Wage War on Food Waste." She tells the interviewer... read more >
Add up the losses throughout the food chain, and Americans, on average, waste 1,400 calories a day per person, or about two full meals.