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Tag: Factory Farming

Who's to blame for the modern antibiotics crisis? It started with the same guys who invented Spam.
The president’s executive order is meant to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. So why doesn’t it tackle one of the main culprits: factory farms?
'Poultry litter' is exactly what it sounds like: the filthy stuff scraped off the floor of a chicken coop. Feeding it to cattle (yes, that happens) risks the spread of mad cow disease—yet the FDA has done nothing to stop it.
"Are you crying?" my 10-year-old son asked, horrified, as we watched the film together for the second time. No, not a film, exactly. More like a commercial. A fast food commercial.In my defense, a lot of people had an... read more >
When my kids were growing up, I made sure to buy organic poultry, meat and dairy products for their meals. I prefer organic for a number of reasons, in particular that the non-therapeutic feeding of antibiotics to animals is... read more >