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Tag: Energy

If we ban plastic bags, some dog owners ask, how will we scoop up after Fido? So let's give them better options.
As we race toward the Next Big Sustainable Idea, it's worth pausing to check the rearview mirror.
Suddenly, the champions of fuel-cell vehicles -- which would run on hydrogen and give off water vapor as exhaust -- don't appear to be living in the world of science fiction.
Every new oil and gas boom is accompanied by an elaborate courtship ritual aimed at winning the hearts of local people. But like many affairs, this one may come to a rocky end.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
As mining surges in drought-stricken areas, a battle over injecting uranium waste into aquifers beneath a Wyoming ranch could shape decisions nationwide.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web
Our tweets, "likes," emails, and digital photo albums have a bigger impact on the physical environment than you might think.
As wind power and fracking push their way toward the jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain Front, how do we decide what is too beautiful to develop?
Sometimes an argument at the family dinner table can have a surprising outcome. In this case it was a visionary plan for bringing renewable energy to the Great Plains.
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For the most part, negotiators working on an overarching agreement at the Rio+20 Earth Summit are gray-haired bureaucrats and aging policy wonks who are so concerned about today's politics that they sometimes have a problem... read more >
Every Google search or Amazon purchase consumes power. Now Norwegian engineers hope to build the world's biggest, most energy-efficient data center -- hundreds of feet underground.
Fracking Nemo: Fracking near the Great Barrier Reef could be damaging wildlife populations. Local fishermen are reporting lesions, spots, and other signs of disease on mud crabs and fish and say the outbreaks are hurting... read more >
Turns out the forces of comic book evil are often trying to take over the world ... by polluting it.
Thirsty nation: It’s dry out there. The U.S. is experiencing its worst drought in almost five years thanks to the mild, nearly snowless winter. It’s especially bad in Florida, which is bracing for a spate of wildfires. USA... read more >