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Tag: Consumption

Attention, Earthlings: You just went over budget.
A middle schooler says he can save the government millions in printing costs and reduce ink-based waste with a simple font switch. Could it be that easy?
It’s a dirty job, but someone's doing it. And for the health of the planet, that’s a good thing.
Hint: It’s probably the wrong things -- because by focusing on recycling, we risk missing the bigger picture.
The low-lying New York City neighborhood can't rely on IKEA for all its recovery needs as it faces future superstorms and rising seas.
I recently ordered a grilled cheese in an airport restaurant, but along with the sandwich came a napkin, wrapped and taped around a plastic fork and knife that I didn’t want or need. The sandwich was deliciously greasy, so I... read more >
Five greenreads to enjoy between DEET applications.Madhusree Mukerjee in Scientific American on the end of civilization: Are we too late to avoid an environmental apocalypse? Some researchers think so, saying climate change... read more >
The country has entered the summer driving season with gasoline prices gliding surprisingly downward. By late May, Americans were paying an average of $3.71 per gallon for regular, down from this year's $3.94 peak on April 2... read more >
A new survey commissioned by SC Johnson on American attitudes and behaviors with respect to the environment reveals that individuals feel as if they know more about the environment today than they did 20 years ago (yay). But... read more >
Patagonia has long been near the Alpine pinnacle of green-leaning businesses. The outdoor clothing company leads the way with eco-friendly offices, conscientious sourcing of materials, environmental campaigns, and its 1% for... read more >
In my first blush of idealism in the 1980s, I embraced the slogan, "Live simply, that others might live." I scorned a middlebrow, Middle American lifesyle of apathy and consumerism in favor of group house living,... read more >
I’m not really sure what it means for No Impact Week to be over. It certainly doesn’t mean that we now have license to go back to our old consumer haze. I suppose we’re on our own to keep our impact in check. But I have to... read more >
In preparation for No Impact Week, my boyfriend and I compulsively had takeout five nights in a row, used the car to run close-by errands (well, it was raining…) and went on a mini shopping spree for things we “needed”... read more >
Is Epcot the green frontier? Go play in a virtual landfill -- oh, what fun! -- and find out.
To eat in the university cafeteria is to engage in a sport of sorts.Look to the left, and there is that now-famous boy, dropping an entire hotdog in his mouth and swallowing it whole, in one gulp, amidst cheers and table... read more >
The ubiquitous cigarette butt. Lounging on a Manhattan west side stoop the other day, a street janitor sweeping a white, oblong butt into his dustpan caught my eye. Another discarded smoke. It seems everywhere I turn there... read more >