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Tag: Consumerism

Out of sight and out of mind, huge container ships glide from port to port, bringing us the goodies we crave—but what's their real cost?
Tips on how to prevent filling landfills with tokens of your affection.
The world’s 7 billionth person is due to be born next month, into a world ill-equipped to support another consumer. It could be our columnist’s child. Here’s why she’s not feeling guilty about it.
Can the humble T-shirt be an effective medium to report environmental news?T-Post, a small Swedish company, melds knit cotton jersey's utility as a graphics platform with its potential as a news medium.  T-Post selects a... read more >
Even though I’ve been a mother for six years, I still find it a pleasant surprise to be on the receiving end of a Mother’s Day gift. My daughter is the one who reminds me that Mother’s Day is coming, and that she has made... read more >
I was delighted to find some attractive, solid-wood bookcases at Ikea a few years ago. Then I read  "The Stolen Forests: Inside the covert war on illegal logging," a major investigative report in the Sept. 2008 issue of The... read more >
"My grandpa used to take me to thrift stores when I was a kid," Jenna Issacson Pfueller tells me, "because he got the senior discount." These trips with Grandpa Jack sparked lifelong fascination with thrift and secondhand... read more >
Many environmentally minded Americans got no satisfaction from voting at the ballot box this week. But if they plan to shop for electronic gadgets during the holidays, they can vote with their dollars to change a few... read more >
In my first blush of idealism in the 1980s, I embraced the slogan, "Live simply, that others might live." I scorned a middlebrow, Middle American lifesyle of apathy and consumerism in favor of group house living,... read more >
Look deep into what Curtis White calls "the Barbaric Heart" and you’ll find yourself traveling, like some blood clot in a House episode, down the aisles of Wal-Mart and Costco, into the boardrooms of multinational corporations, along the streets of suburban sprawl, through alleyways of junkies and the homeless, to some dinner party where beautifully dressed people feel simultaneously empty and self-important.
That's a lot of stuff....[Credit: allysonkalea,] It’s a conundrum: I spent all summer working, fretting, and saving to move into a new apartment, so I could stop sleeping on the floor and get my clothes/books/... read more >
So what's wrong with my iPod? Ask Annie Leonard.
Could you endure 30 days of consumer celibacy – one whole month without buying anything new (well, virtually anything)? Writer Wendee Holtcamp gave it a try, and it wasn’t easy.