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Tag: Children

Nature schools are helping make outdoor play a priority for a generation of kids suffering from nature-deficit disorder.
Are you trimming the tree with a potential hazard to your child's health?
We’ve known for years that lead seriously impairs early childhood development. Now scientists are finding that our kids’ brains are at risk from a barrage of other common chemicals.
How to find green and healthy classroom supplies—markers, lunch boxes, and even furniture—for back to school.
Five greenreads to read by the light of a supermoon.Justin Gillis in the New York Times on cloudy skies and climate denial: Climate change deniers are looking to the clouds for an argument against curbing our fossil-fuel... read more >
In the mood for a spring fling?Well, don’t get discouraged if your booty texts are going unanswered. There’s still time, and if we’ve learned one thing this week on our hunt for more eco porn stars, it’s this: Sometimes it’s... read more >
In the quest to keep children quiet for an hour or so, many parents blindly trot out to see whatever animated movie is showing in theaters. While The Lorax, with its Seussian provenance and environmental message, was... read more >
A new dad plants the seeds of home -- and connects to his past -- with a backyard vegetable garden.
Seven days a week, I read bad news about the environment, so it takes quite a lot to nudge my personal compassion meter, which I imagine as a Seussian contraption with boxing-glove hands.
When I realized that global warming posed a threat to my two young children's health and well being-- not just in the future, but now-I became what I call an "unlikely environmentalist." I became a recycling... read more >
How do flea collars put millions of children in harm's way?
Written by Gary Braasch and Lynne Cherry Are your children asking you about global climate change and wondering what they can do to help the polar bears?  Are they feeling sad and scared?  How can you comfort them, answer... read more >
While visiting the North Shore of Oahu, I dropped in on Sunset Elementary School to learn about their unique environmental program. As I walked through the gardens, I saw a young gentleman playing the guitar with a bunch of... read more >
What to expect when you're expecting takes on a whole new meaning: Kim Larsen reviews Poisoned Profits and The Body Toxic.
For every age, there is a remedy. And for nearly every remedy, a folly. The Romantic Poets famously had their laudanum, the Victorians their adulterated tea. So bad was the latter that Punch magazine ran a cartoon of a... read more >