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Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
The USDA's recipe for a 'modernized' poultry industry: process 175 birds a minute, add chlorine, don't watch closely.
'Poultry litter' is exactly what it sounds like: the filthy stuff scraped off the floor of a chicken coop. Feeding it to cattle (yes, that happens) risks the spread of mad cow disease—yet the FDA has done nothing to stop it.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Our top picks: today's environmental news and best #greenreads.
Nearly 300 people have fallen ill from a salmonella outbreak that includes drug-resistant strains, while federal disease investigators are off the job due to the government shutdown.
Our top picks: today's best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
The new ozone problem: It's like the save-the-ozone-layer '80s are back again, but with an unexpected, 21st-Century twist: For the first time, scientists are linking ozone depletion and climate change. With rising global... read more >
Tastes like superbugs: A rising number of bladder infections, which affect 60 percent of all women, are getting harder to treat with antibiotics because they’ve evolved resistance to the drugs. And now there’s growing... read more >
Reaserchers are linking an outbreak of difficult-to-treat urinary tract infections to poultry treated with antibiotics by industrial agriculture.
Campaign climate: In a lengthy interview with Jann Wenner, President Obama vows to fight climate change, insists that he's not hiding from the issue, and says it will be part of his 2012 campaign. Climate blogger Joe Romm... read more >
 Poisoned poultry: Think it's bad enough that factory-farmed chickens contain antibiotics? How about Benadryl? How about arsenic? Nicholas D. Kristof on the latest Big Ag ignominy. New York TimesBattery recharged: Chevy is... read more >
When my kids were growing up, I made sure to buy organic poultry, meat and dairy products for their meals. I prefer organic for a number of reasons, in particular that the non-therapeutic feeding of antibiotics to animals is... read more >