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Tag: Carcinogens

A new government report adds four more industrial chemicals to a growing number of carcinogens.
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So many fires, so little time: A forest fire that has already torched 28,000 acres continues to rage outside of Seattle. Making matters worse, because so many other fires are blazing in the West right now (see our Western... read more >
In 1989, Americans virtually stopped buying apples after 60 Minutes, the TV news show, aired a story showing a weak Environmental Protection Agency incapable of taking action against Alar, the problem farm chemical sprayed... read more >
By the mid 1980s (as I’ve written here and here in this series), in response to the findings that Alar (and its breakdown product UDMH) were probable human carcinogens and that EPA had begun the process to ban it, several... read more >
How do flea collars put millions of children in harm's way?