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Tag: Algal Blooms

Morning, sunshine! Open your eyes and update your brain with these #greenreads.
Toxic algae like the kinds that fouled Toledo’s water supply and now threaten Florida are on the rise due to Big Ag and climate change. But we can learn from them, too.
Geoengineering sounds like something from a science fiction novel, but we actually do it every day.
In August, OnEarth ran a shocking article by Barry Yeoman about the spread of blue-green algae that is threatening to choke the life out of Lake Erie. It's an informative and truly sobering account of how the most fertile of... read more >
Last week I wrote about the serious threats to Lake Erie: the blooms of toxic algae, the colonization of its bottom by invasive mussels, and the growth of its oxygen-starved dead zone. The dumping of phosphorus into the lake... read more >
Deadly algae and invasive species are choking the life out of Lake Erie. It recovered from near-death 40 years ago, but the regulations that helped save it last time are under increasing attack.
A scientist at the Smithsonian Institution has discovered a way to take advantage of algae's affinity for tainted water to use the plant as a natural cleanser.