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Tag: Adaptation

Coyotes are colonizing many of America’s biggest cities, challenging our notions of where wildlife belongs.
Another example of awesome nature in action: these South American insects walk around with "explosive backpacks" capable of creating toxic blue goo to take out opponents -- and themselves.
Few humans would be jealous of the naked mole rat’s fleshy, squishy appearance, but many might envy the animal’s imperviousness to aging.
As heat waves, hurricanes, and air pollution increase in a warming world, so will injuries and illnesses. In the first analysis of its kind, two public health scientists attempt to figure out what the economic cost will be. Opening bid: $14 billion.
[Updated at 7:10pm on Monday, August 29th]Author's note: The recovery efforts in Vermont will be extensive. If you'd like to offer a helping hand in way way -- through volunteer time or donations -- you can find a whole list... read more >
Twenty years ago last week, I stood outside a low cement building in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, and leaned into the 80 mph wind. Hurricane Bob had arrived, and a few hundred of us had piled into one of the more... read more >
Facing a carbon threat from the deep, hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest are adapting with cutting-edge science and changes in how they do business. It’s working … for now.
When it comes to climate change, environmentalists often deride the idea of “adaptation” -- rather than prevention -- as the equivalent of surrender. But in many parts of the world, survival requires a more immediate course of action.
From Lima to Los Angeles, the survival of great cities around the world depends on sources of water that are dwindling at an alarming rate. A special report from melting glaciers high in the Andes.
We live in a world of inequalities. Is climate change going to make them even worse? A new book considers the world in 2050.
Dale Morris, senior economist with the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C., discusses the Netherlands’ approach to living with water.
A few years ago I contemplated selling my Brooklyn apartment, which happens to be situated on one of the highest points in the entire city, and purchasing a whole house.But it turned out that many of the neighborhoods that... read more >