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Tag: Yellowstone National Park

Not everyone was happy when wolves returned to Yellowstone (the deer, for one), but the place is better with them there.
Skimming -- floating might be a better word -- low over the surface in a paraglider, George Steinmetz has photographed some of the strangest and most remote places on earth.
OnEarth executive editor George Black tells the dramatic story of Yellowstone through the lives of the driven, ambitious, and often ruthless men who created the world's first national park
We’ve heard plenty of bad news about Yellowstone National Park's bison this winter. With over 500 bison currently in a cramped capture facility and many facing possible slaughter, bison advocates have their hands full trying... read more >
Yellowstone's iconic whitebark pine trees provide food for grizzly bears to survive the long winter. But they're being wiped out by pine beetles and climate change.