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Tag: U.s. Navy

Attorney Joel Reynolds brings the war on the environment into the courtroom (and wins). And in the fight to save the whales, he'll even take on the U.S. Navy.
A landmark report links ExxonMobil’s sonar tech to a mass stranding of whales off Madagascar.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
Imagine a future in which airliners run on cornstalks and Navy ships ply the oceans on tanks of switchgrass. That day may at last be inching closer.
You sunk my (green) battleship!: The U.S. military has been a leader in the development of cleaner fuel sources in recent years -- in part because the top brass know that using less oil is smart for our national security.... read more >
Military research and development has often inspired breakthroughs in civilian technology. Can the U.S. Navy now launch us into the post-fossil fuel era?
It's a rare occasion indeed that I'm moved to write about a press release, but this one gave me pause: Navy Leads Research Funding on Effects of Sound on Marine Mammals. You probably know that environmental groups and the... read more >
Sonar, which protects U.S. warships from enemy submarines, also kills whales and other marine mammals. Scientists are trying to figure out why, but the navy, which funds most of their research, seems to have other ideas.