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The new, all-digital OnEarth magazine debuts today.
If you're a voracious consumer and chronicler of environmental news, you might be just the kind of person we're looking to hire.
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
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Deadliest breath: Most folks think of "black lung" as a disease of coal mining's past, caused by the filthy, dangerous working conditions in underground mine operations. But a new study has found that the deadly respiratory... read more >
Hello "Sister Planet!": Venus will cross in front of the sun this afternoon, performing a "transit" that has sky-watchers all fired up. This won't happen again in your lifetime and should be visible throughout North America... read more >
Not-so-great white north: More disturbing news from our northern neighbors: Canada is dismantling the nation's entire ocean pollution monitoring program as part of massive layoffs at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.... read more >
All that you touch: This absolutely mind-bending timelapse video of Sunday's annular solar eclipse will remind you how incredibly small and fragile this pale blue dot called Earth really is. Still, we can't help but wish... read more >
Bus blues: Cities like Pittsburgh and Boston are having to make drastic cuts in bus and train service as the economic crisis continues to provide them with lower-than-expected tax revenues. For an extra dose of irony, these... read more >
Campaign climate: In a lengthy interview with Jann Wenner, President Obama vows to fight climate change, insists that he's not hiding from the issue, and says it will be part of his 2012 campaign. Climate blogger Joe Romm... read more >
Extreme belief: A new poll suggests that Americans are starting to make the connection between extreme weather and man-made climate change. More than two-thirds of those polled think that global warming is affecting the... read more >
Howls of outrage: Turns out the guy who trapped and then killed a gray wolf in Idaho -- but not before posing for bloody pictures with his wounded prey, which then spread across social media -- works for the U.S. Forest... read more >
Don't get cocky: Bill McKibben tells Elizabeth Kolbert how the fossil fuel industry’s pervasive influence in Congress has surprised even his cynical self lately. His takeaway? Activists shouldn't let up after a few... read more >
That’s gotta sting: Scientists have long suspected that pesticides play a key role in colony collapse disorder -- the large-scale dieoff of honeybee colonies, which is threatening agriculture across the globe. New studies... read more >
Deeply disturbing: Wednesday was a big day for offshore drilling. Shell cleared another major hurdle for its plans to drill off the coast of Alaska, while the Obama administration announced new oil and gas surveys in the... read more >
Safer strawberries: Remeber methyl iodide? The potent pesticide set off a fierce debate when the EPA approved its use back in 2007. Well, good news: its manufacturer has stopped U.S. sales. The reason? No one was buying it. ... read more >