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Four #greenreads to cry into as you say goodbye to summer.
As mining surges in drought-stricken areas, a battle over injecting uranium waste into aquifers beneath a Wyoming ranch could shape decisions nationwide.
Every year the nation's oil and natural gas pipelines suffer hundreds of ruptures and spills. Is an overhaul of pipeline oversight overdue?
Wells used to dispose of the nation’s most toxic waste are showing signs of stress as regulatory oversight falls short and scientific assumptions prove flawed.
Dolphin disaster: Terrible things are happening off the coast of Peru: dolphins are dying, pelicans are starving, are now tourists are being warned to stay away from the beaches. What's causing it? No one knows -- or no one'... read more >
By Lena GroegerThe Environmental Protection Agency issued the first-ever national air pollution regulations for fracking on Wednesday. First proposed in July 2011, the final rules have been welcomed by environmental groups... read more >
A 24-year-old EPA report uncovered this week adds to a list of examples of how water supplies are polluted in natural gas drilling areas.
It's the first peer-reviewed evidence that natural gas drilling leads to drinking water contamination -- enough to set water from faucets on fire.
Natural gas has been touted as the bridge to a clean energy future, but new analyses suggest it could be only marginally cleaner than coal and oil.