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Tag: Onderdonk House

When life hands you backyard chickens (yep, it's a trend), you make a lot of omelettes. But I'll skip on the roasted hen for now.
A community's fight to save an old house from destruction becomes an investment in the future.
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When you live in one of New York City's oldest farmhouses, you think about ghosts all year round.
What’s it like caring for the oldest Dutch Colonial farmhouse in New York City? Quite frankly, it’s a pain the neck (but still pretty rad).
Our top picks: the best environmental news and #greenreads from around the web.
What happens when you throw a raging Independence Day party at a house older than the nation itself? You think a lot about abundance, gardening, patriotic ghosts, and the irrevocable distance between now and then.
The average one-bedroom in New York City doesn't come with a museum, vegetable farm, and chicken coop, but this 300-year-old farmhouse will do just fine.