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Tag: Nanotechnology

Super-tiny nanomaterials are poised to revolutionize our technologies. As for what else they might do to us: nobody really knows.
The agency is abusing a legal loophole to let products like nanosilver be used in clothing and baby blankets without ensuring their safety.
Five #greenreads to use as an excuse for not shoveling the driveway.
Five greenreads to read over baguettes and brie and champagne this Bastille Day.William Broad in the New York Times on the 49ers of the deep: There’s a new gold rush going on, but it's not taking place in mines or mountains... read more >
Nanotechnology shines a light on zooplankton and what may be the world’s largest migration -- one that unfolds every day around the globe.
Magic ink: it's the stuff of spy movies, crime novels, and...electronic pants?
I saw the Blue Guy from the Today show and decided not to buy the silver-infused cellulite shorts.
Congress and the Economist raise red flags, Mothers Against Drunk Driving touts the promise engineering on an ultra-small scale
Why is there such lax oversight of these exotic, new nanomaterials, and what does that mean for consumers?
Nanomaterials have a much higher surface-to-mass ratio, and while this makes them good for such purposes as water filtering, it also could cause them to interact with body cells that their tiny size allows them to infiltrate.
Nanotechnology is poised to transform our lives: miraculous cancer treatments, perfect sunscreens, a super new power grid. One problem: Nobody knows if this multi-billion-dollar enterprise is actually safe.
NRDC works on many of the issues covered in the magazine by independent journalists. Here's a quick peek behind the headlines.