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Tag: Bruce Barcott

Imagine a future in which airliners run on cornstalks and Navy ships ply the oceans on tanks of switchgrass. That day may at last be inching closer.
Pretty nice, eh? Please vote for our Spring 2011 cover, nominated in Amazon's Best Cover of the Year contest. We have a one in ten chance of taking first prize, and if you vote, you'll have a shot at winning a Kindle Fire.... read more >
It's not easy to compare the value of a job on a oil rig and the value of an acre of eelgrass. Mary Ruckelshaus thinks she may have a way of doing just that.
My last screening at Sundance turned out to be the most surprising and inspiring one of all. I had The Ambassador on my list all week but could never seem to find the time or the ticket. The festival guide said it was... read more >
I’ve seen a lot of movies this week, buckets of triumph and tragedy. But there’s a scene midway through Detropia that tops them all for sheer American heartbreak.The new documentary, about the struggle to save Detroit,... read more >
“Watching yourself thirty feet high on the big screen is... Well, it’s quite a different experience.” That was author and essayist Kelly McMasters’ reaction to seeing the world premiere of The Atomic States of America, a... read more >
For an environmental documentary junkie like me, Monday night at Sundance was a little slice of heaven: After catching the world premiere of Mark Kitchell’s A Fierce Green Fire, I sprinted across town to see The Atomic... read more >
I’m finding that serendipity plays a big part in the Sundance experience. Yesterday a publicist tossed me a DVD of a documentary short called The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom. It’s part of the festival, but in any given... read more >
Before winning an Oscar, Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" made its first splash at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. This year, five documentaries with green themes look to follow in its footsteps.
A new documentary takes us through 50 years of the environmental movement.
Four of the 10 most successful documentaries at the box office have been on environmental themes. Indy filmmaker Mark Kitchell hopes to add his new movie to the list.
As the Arctic warms up and solid ground disappears, polar bears have to swim farther across the open ocean. Their cubs often can't make the trip.
Strange things are happening as sea ice melts and old boundaries dissolve, tearing at ancient strands of one of the planet's most fragile food webs.
In this issue's tour of far-flung destinations, you can observe dramatic changes unfolding in real time.
Climate change appears to be igniting a sexual revolution among Arctic mammals -- and that’s not good news for some endangered species.
Bruce Barcott's The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw was published in February by Random House.