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Tag: Answers From The Past

Recycling seems like a relatively modern phenomenon. Instead, it has deep roots.
A community's fight to save an old house from destruction becomes an investment in the future.
The cultural and environmental benefits of living in a walkable city.
A photographic exploration of OnEarth's 'Answers from the Past' month in the streets of New York City.
Our technology-driven world demands that we do everything faster. But when we live slowly, we're rewarded with a deeper understanding of the real world—and our connection to it.
A forward-looking building in Seattle captures rainwater in a 56,000-gallon underground cistern. And that's all the water it ever needs. How quaint, how Neolithic—and how smart.
A man reflects on growing up without a car, a trend that's gaining popularity with today's youth.
Introducing OnEarth’s first-ever theme month, exploring the ways in which cutting-edge ideas about sustainability have been influenced by wisdom from previous generations.
As we race toward the Next Big Sustainable Idea, it's worth pausing to check the rearview mirror.