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VIDEO: Whitebark Pine Endangered by Climate Change

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Whitebark pine trees are in trouble. Growing in the Western mountains, these important trees provide habitat for small animals and food for grizzly bears. But global warming has driven the mountain pine beetle, a pest that attacks and kills the trees, into the areas where the whitebark's habitat. If measures aren't taken to combat global warming, iconic landscapes and entire ecosystems could be dramatically transformed.

NRDC asked the government in 2008 to consider the whitebark pine for endangered species status, then sued earlier this year because the government hadn't acted on the request. A preliminary finding to be issued Tuesday is expected to move the tree a step closer to federal protection.

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image of ebrekke
Erika Brekke is a freelance video journalist based in San Francisco. She received her master's degree from the Medill School at Northwestern University and interned at the Associated Press TV News bureau in Brussels, Belgium, where she covered politi... READ MORE >


Thank you for producing such a powerful video regarding the plight of the whitebark pine. My hope is that your video will reach and resonate with mainstream America. If viewers want more information on what they can do to get involved in this issue they should check out