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Audio Slideshow: Fisheries Expert Daniel Pauly on the Gulf Spill's Impact

The Gulf of Mexico, which supplies as much as a third of America's domestically caught seafood, is at risk of becoming a giant "no fishing" zone after the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform disaster. Eminent marine biologist Daniel Pauly has long been a proponent of marine protected zones, which restrict fishing and other underwater activities so that sea life may grow large, breed, and regenerate from its current depleted condition.

The French-born fisheries expert and professor at the Fisheries Centre of the University of British Columbia spoke with OnEarth about the expected impacts of the BP oil spill, the damage it will likely cause to ocean life, and the hope that this disaster could provide an opportunity for rebirth. Read the full interview or watch and listen above.

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Emily Voigt is a freelance writer and producer in New York. Her work has appeared in the science section of The New York Times and on "This American Life," among other places. She is the recipient of a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship from the... READ MORE >