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The Anopheles gambiae mosquito
In Africa, Malaria Kills A Million Children A Year. So What's The Remedy? New Drug Cocktails? Free Bed Nets? Community Education? A Breakthrough Vaccine? A Return To DDT? Or All Of The Above?


Beset by heat and drought, the West burns up.
David Gessner jumps into a canoe with the man who cleaned up Boston's much-abused river.
Marv Kammerer looks like the iconic cowboy: worn-out hat, neckerchief, the swagger that comes from years of hard work in the saddle.
Q & A: Selling Points Dying for a Manicure? Another Giant Step? Knitting in a Winter Wonderland Sneezes Can Be Fatal
Open Space
For a long time I've been laying secret plans, Last Call kinds of plans.
How one mineral could determine our energy future and our national securityPick up your laptop and go into the bathroom. Close toilet lid, sit down, open laptop. Pick up nearest personal care product, read label.
Vanishing America: In Pursuit of Our Elusive Landscapes LS/S Our Broken Home
Living Green
Gardeners are tuned in to the weather; we can't help it.
View from NRDC
The novelist Wallace Stegner wrote that the American West is "a region where optimism consistently outruns resources."
FIELDWORK: The People's Doctor NRDC in the News
Costa Rica's natural splendor, coastal beauty, and laid-back attitude have transformed it into an ecotourism hotspot.
Work That Asset For a Good Cause Your Holiday Mailbox-Detox Diet White House Double Duty Now Arriving at JFK...