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New science explains how forests could help save us from global warming.
For some people forests are measured in board-feet of lumber. For others they're a source of spiritual renewal. But scientists are finding that protecting ancient trees could also be an important new strategy in the fight against global warming.


More than 80 years ago, seven western states hammered out a pact dividing up the water in the Colorado River. Agriculture was king and Las Vegas just a railroad watering stop in the middle of nowhere.
In a forgotten pocket of Central Europe, villagers struggle to preserve a way of life that leaves only the lightest of footprints on the land.
In the unending search for precious metals, mining companies have ripped the heart out of mountains and dug gigantic holes in the earth. Next target: the deep ocean floor.
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What are we prepared to give up? The reality is that we have to accept some major trade-offs here. The situation is too grim, too urgent, to duck them.
Right now, everyone in Congress is discussing stimulus packages to turn around the economy. The question is, what do we want to stimulate?
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