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A navy ship tests mid-frequency sonar in Washington's Haro Strait, close to a pod of orca whales.
The U.S. Navy Bears Down on Whales -- and the Scientists who Study Them.


California's San Pedro Bay ports form a vast metropolis of polluting cargo ships, trucks, and locomotives -- a "diesel death zone," say the neighbors, who are fighting back against the leviathan.
How to Build a Mass Movement to Halt Climate Change.
In the Amazon Basin, miners use toxic mercury to do a dirty and dangerous job.
Those infuriating Europeans. Always gloating about their shorter working hours, their long, stress-free vacations, the pleasures of good food (well, okay, strike the Brits from that part).
Mysteries of the Deep Q & A: Mastering the Molecule The Opposite of Collateral Damage Teenage Wonder Skiing Without Snow
Mass-market magazines are now awash with green-themed cover stories and special features.