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Into the Gulf: A Journal

Into the  Gulf: A Journal

Frequent OnEarth contributor David Gessner, author of the books Soaring With Fidel and Sick of Nature, is visiting the Gulf Coast to report about the BP disaster's impact on birds. Along the way, he's introducing us to the people and places he visits and chronicling the disruption to their lives and livelihoods. Follow his dispatches -- and his doodles -- here.

(Update: Gessner's posts will form the basis for his latest book, The Tarball Chronicles, due out in September 2011 from Milkweed Editions.)


Into the Gulf, Day 1: Baptism at Tarball Beach
Into the Gulf, Day 2: Corexit, Ospreys, and the Tarball Wars
Into the Gulf, Day 3: A Dawn Walk
Into the Gulf, Day 4: Of Fishermen and Forms
Into the Gulf, Day 5: Ecotones and Barriers
Into the Gulf, Day 6: The Green Sun Rises
Into the Gulf, Day 7: Castles and Shanties
Into the Gulf, Day 8: The River
Into the Gulf, Day 9: Field Notes from an EPA Meeting
Into the Gulf, Day 10: In Search of the Oiled Pelican
Letter from a Fish Shack
Into the Gulf, Day 11: Atlantis, the Basin, and the Sinking of Cities
Beyond Oil: Nature and Adaptation
Invisible Disaster: Fall Migration Over the Gulf