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Growing Green Awards

NRDC honors farmers, business leaders, and promoters of sustainable food

Growing Green Awards, NRDC's Growing Green Awards

The food we eat every day is intimately connected to our health and the health of the environment. NRDC’s fifth annual Growing Green Awards celebrates the food producers, businesses, activists and bold thinkers who are making America’s food system healthier and more sustainable.

This year’s winners were selected from over 200 nominees in the categories of food producer, business leader, food justice leader, and young food leader by a panel of sustainable food and agriculture thought-leaders, including Michael Anthony, executive chef and partner at New York’s long-established and celebrated Gramercy Tavern; Gabe Brown, internationally-recognized soil health champion and 2012 Growing Green Award Food Producer winner; Marion Nestle, award-winning food policy author, professor and one of the nation’s most influential food thought-leaders; and Nell Newman, co-founder and president of Newman's Own Organics.

Below you'll find blog posts from this year’s winners, followed by posts from past winners, judges, and finalists. Learn more at NRDC's website.

Fresh, Healthy Food: Coming to a Corner Store Already Near You
From Superbugs to Sustainability: a Fifth-Generation Farmer’s Mission to Raise Pigs without Antibiotics
Renewing Agricultural Life in South Central Los Angeles
A Good Bug Doesn’t Mean a Dead Bug
Sowing Justice in the Florida Tomato Fields
Nature is Our Teacher: A Social Experiment Disguised as a Business
Regenerating Landscapes For a Sustainable Future
Connecting the Dots: The Journey from Farm to Cafeteria Tray
Field Notes on Food Justice: Why Your Local Grocery Store Makes Farmworkers Poor
Kicking the Chemical Habit
A Lunch Lady Serves up Healthy Schools, Starting in the Cafeteria
Natural Pesticides? Large-scale Farmers Turn to Safer Products to Keep their Plants Healthy
Old Roots Spring Anew in Young Farmers
When it Comes to Food, One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Why Is Our Food Making Us Fat?
Spreading Fresh Thoughts about Food and Farming in New York
Water: The Lifeblood in the Body of a Biodynamic Winery
Shepherd’s Grain: Reconnecting Producers and Consumers through a New Food System
From Conventional Walnut Farming to Growing (and Processing) Green
Growing Green: We're Moving in the Right Direction
Delicious, Nutritious, Local Food
Climate Change and Restaurants: Introducing the Low Carbon Diet
The National School Lunch Program: Time for a Makeover!
Does Regulating Industrial Agriculture Help Or Hurt the Clean Food Cause?
Hospitals Helping to Build a Healthy Food System and Global Health
Foodsheds - A New Ruralism Bridging Smart Growth and Sustainable Agriculture
Talking Shop: More and more, consumers really care about locally-grown food