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Wildlife in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

image of Alice Henly

The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the few oases in Costa Rica for wild animals saved from the region's rampant pet trade. Since its founding in 1996, the sanctuary has become a haven for all types of animals injured by wildlife trafficking, car accidents, or local families trying to keep them as pets. The reserve’s goal is to rehabilitate these animals and, when possible, return them to the wild. The sanctuary now cares for more than 70 animals; its survives on donations and by giving tours to guests at nearby lodges. (See "Can Ecotourism Survive in Costa Rica?")

image of Alice Henly
A recent graduate of Yale University, Alice is the associate editor and lead researcher for the NRDC Smarter Living and Smarter Cities programs. Alice attended COP15 as a reporter for the Yale Wheel Journal of Sustainable Development and has worked w... READ MORE >