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In an excerpt from his book, David Gessner contemplates the (no longer) unimaginable -- a New York submerged by storm surge and sea level rise.
One-third of all food produced globally -- 1.3 billion tons -- is lost or wasted every year, a new study says. In 2010, OnEarth contributing editor Laura Wright examined her own trash bin and asked how we can all cut back on what we throw out.
Chile's booming, energy-hungry economy threatens one of the wildest, most beautiful places on earth. A global parable.
Dozens of peanut products have been recalled this week due to a salmonella outbreak. In 2009, our online editor wrote about the personal impact of a similar recall of his favorite food.
This vital pollinator is in grave danger. So is our food supply. Why something so small matters so much.
Scientist-turned-fashion model Summer Rayne Oakes uses the runway as a platform for promoting environmental awareness and sustainability. But she'd rather be home with her roaches.
This weekend marks five years since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. With the region now facing a new cleanup, we look back at contibuting editor Elizabeth Royte's account of dealing with 22 million tons of toxic debris.