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the synthesist

When it comes to designing wildlife corridors, our most brilliant analytical minds are still no match for Mother Nature. But we're getting there.
Ready for cyborgian cisterns? Sentient sewer systems? The coming smart-tech revolution promises to marry infrastructure and the Internet.
Scientists are tapping into the secret wisdom of trees—even when they don't know what they're looking for.
The mysterious patterns known as fractals exist where nature, art, and higher math all meet. Are they clues to a hidden natural order?
That glow in fireflies, jellyfish, and mushrooms is not just pretty. It's also an irreplaceable scientific tool.
Naturespace makes all previous audio technologies seem as obsolete as the buggy whip. On with the headphones!
Mouse-wielding urban planners -- amateurs included -- join forces to design the next New York City.
Science is on the verge of creating biodegradable electronics. Could compostable cell phones be on the horizon?
There are countless things we must still learn about the millions of creatures on earth -- including where the heck they all live.
What if the future of the car wasn't just about longer-lived batteries? Could electrified roads be the key?
The data trail from our cell phones contains a treasure trove of digital information. Some of it could be lifesaving.
Scientists are finding that the high-resolution panoramic photos known as GigaPan images can open up strange new worlds.
When freshwater meets salt water, a power dynamic ensues. Blue Energy aims to harness it.
Artificial illumination at night takes its toll on the natural world. We need to find a way to curb its effects.
Forget fish farming. How about fish ranching? The Synthesist explores how "ranchers" could use sound to make raising fish more sustainable.
Nanotechnology shines a light on zooplankton and what may be the world’s largest migration -- one that unfolds every day around the globe.