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the edge

Why are some North Carolina conservatives fighting renewable energy -- even when it's making their state rich and happy?
Oklahoma! Where the fracking wells come shakin' down the Plain.
Where should you go for great environmental coverage? To a network run by the world's biggest carbon polluter, of course!
A competition for short documentaries highlights creative solutions to some of the world's most persistent problems.
A huge dam project in a pristine, riverine paradise gets put on the back burner … for now.
As we head into the renewable energy future, open-pit copper mines and human rights abuses will be among the trade-offs.
Hurricane Sandy may present a teachable moment for climate change deniers, but the devil is in the details.
Who says the 2012 presidential hopefuls are being silent on climate? Oh wait, just ours.
As wind power and fracking push their way toward the jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain Front, how do we decide what is too beautiful to develop?
Whether Democrat or Republican, citizens across the country can agree on at least one thing: Yellowstone National Park is worth saving.
It is a small world after all, and global warming is making it smaller.
The number of murdered environmentalists is rising -- and we likely don’t even know the half it.
Protests against a massive gold and copper mining project in Peru claimed three lives this week, left at least 21 injured, and prompted a harsh government crackdown. OnEarth correspondents report from the scene.
Early fishing seasons aren't the only things that come along with warmer climates. Mountain pine beetles and wildfires are setting the West aflame.
Do environmental regulations really kill jobs? The answer is more complicated than the sound bites make you think.
Wacky weather takes climate change out of the realm of the abstract and into everyday life. And one weatherman is bringing the issue home.