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If Americans want the President to act on climate change, we have to act first -- and forcefully.
James Balog was a climate-change skeptic when he first traveled to the Arctic on a National Geographic photo assignment in 2005.
On November 6, Americans reelected a president who made expanding clean energy and strengthening environmental safeguards a cornerstone of his first term.
When I started talking to people about climate change 10 years ago, I spoke about forecasts and predictions. This summer, I just pointed out the window.
This June, tens of thousands of the world's citizens will join global leaders for Rio+20. We want to see Rio+20 focus on real commitments to reach a sustainable future, not just promises -- concrete actions instead of vague agreements.
Mercury pollution safeguards could prove to be among the Obama administration's most significant environmental accomplishments.
Environmental initiatives have improved the health of millions of Americans over the past four decades. Now those laws need our protection from unwarranted attacks.
We eat three times a day but rarely know the conditions in which our food is produced.
Despite all the talk, our national leaders have failed to secure the policies that would dramatically reduce America's oil dependence.
The Clean Air Act has helped cut pollution for 40 years, yet some lawmakers have launched an all-out assault on this fundamental protection for our health.
Congressional majorities and committee chairmanships may shift, but the values and vision that bind us do not.
NRDC in the News
The oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf, and now attentions must turn toward recovery and energy policy overhaul.
NRDC in the News
The horrific oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico covers 3,000 square miles and is heading toward Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.
Clean energy and climate legislation will not succeed without you.