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open space

The view from the air puts it all in perspective.
The family farm creates a deep attachment to the land. But it can also lead to a guilty conscience.
A moonlit night, a spotted owl, and a box of live mice: magic.
A month alone in a lighthouse, battered by epic storms and 100-foot waves: sounds like heaven.
In a hotter, drier, less climatically stable future, medium-size towns that no one wants to live in now could be just right.
In one Pacific Northwest town, is the stench of recycling making the local residents sick?
The richest thoughts about nature come in slow, leisurely fashion. Try expressing them in 140 characters.
Everyone loves wild, natural places. But wait -- how many of them are truly wild and natural?
There's a time to throw away the field guides and learn instead from the evidence of your own senses.
An encounter with an elephant is a reminder that what is wondrous can also be terrifying.
Just think: earth is upside down, the sun never rises, and our bodies are made of stars.
This young mom prided herself on her love of nature. That was before the cicadas came around.
Should images of a ruined post-human world be an invitation to despair, or a call to action?
In our overlit world, can we rediscover the wonder -- and the loneliness -- of the ancient night sky?
Seeing things up close from a kayak can be a study in ambiguity -- beauty mixed with ugliness.
Seven days a week, I read bad news about the environment, so it takes quite a lot to nudge my personal compassion meter, which I imagine as a Seussian contraption with boxing-glove hands.