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When glaciers stop growing, they 'die,' but scientists recently discovered a glacier in Iceland where dead ice has risen again.
After an abnormally calm September, storms Gonzalo, Fay, and Ana are bringing hurricane season back with a bang.
New research shows the oceans are warming faster than we thought. Surf and turf alike will feel the heat.
Eight graphs show us how climate change is making the world more dangerous.
Climate change is bringing blood-sucking nightmares that can carry dengue and yellow fever to California.
A Koch brothers company is piling huge mounds of toxic petcoke—the black, dusty remnants of tar sands oil—along the Calumet River. Chicagoans (obviously) want it out of there.
Leaked documents reveal that a "science" group—which defends fracking, junk food, BPA, and pesticides—has been taking money from big business. Anyone surprised?
Everyone agrees that the only way to fix the Gulf of Mexico's giant dead zone is to fix the Mississippi. But not everyone agrees how.
Solar installations aren't so expensive when everybody chips in.
As the oil boom continues in North Dakota, some Native Americans are going bust.
As mining surges in drought-stricken areas, a battle over injecting uranium waste into aquifers beneath a Wyoming ranch could shape decisions nationwide.
Every year the nation's oil and natural gas pipelines suffer hundreds of ruptures and spills. Is an overhaul of pipeline oversight overdue?
Boston and New York City could see upwards of 20 inches of sea level rise by mid-century.
Wells used to dispose of the nation’s most toxic waste are showing signs of stress as regulatory oversight falls short and scientific assumptions prove flawed.
Heat-related football deaths have tripled nationwide since 1994. As extreme heat bakes the South, Georgia football tries to adapt.
Reaserchers are linking an outbreak of difficult-to-treat urinary tract infections to poultry treated with antibiotics by industrial agriculture.