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feature story

How one rust belt city found the key to its rebirth: bringing nature and people closer together.
With its ospreys and eagles, its waving grasses and rich oyster beds, what could be more idyllic than a meandering stream in North Carolina? There’s just one problem—all that raw sewage.
When forests burn, wild pollinators are among nature’s first responders. Ecologist Laura Burkle wants to help them do their job.
The folks at Isidore Recycling are very good at taking things apart. But they’re even better at putting broken things back together again.
When a species approaches extinction, it may be time to take desperate measures—like mating brother with sister.
Local communities tend to get rattled when big energy shows up in small places—especially when the places are as beautiful as Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.
Float down the remote Kobuk River and you might encounter grizzlies, salmon, bald eagles, and caribou. Oh—and open-pit mines, if Alaska's governor gets his way.
That palm oil listed in the ingredients of your favorite candy bar or lipstick? More and more of it comes from forest and farmland razed by multinational corporations a world away.
Scorned for years as the stuff of science fiction, cloud seeding could be a surprising new weapon in the fight against worsening droughts.
The health risks of leaded gasoline are a thing of the past, right? Wrong.
After decades of neglect, residents of the Gulf Coast’s most toxic public housing complex are preparing to get out. But in a city given over to oil refineries, is anywhere really safe?
On the trail of the 'Windsor hum,' a mysterious noise that’s making Canadians crazy.
In the holy city of Varanasi, can the ancient death rituals of Hinduism be reconciled with the preservation of India’s dwindling forests?
A rich community of fishers, farmers, and foodies relies on the state's salmon runs. After years of decline, recovery may be at hand for both the fish and the people.
Scientist, poet, and cancer survivor Eva Saulitis says that orcas saved her life. If only she could return the favor.
Every new oil and gas boom is accompanied by an elaborate courtship ritual aimed at winning the hearts of local people. But like many affairs, this one may come to a rocky end.