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Excellent article. I have so much respect for Bill McKibben and his ability to educate and empower people like me who then go out and educate and try to empower others to educate others, and so on about the consequences of ignoring climate change. Just as the Tarsands protests were being organized in August I was preparing to welcome my first grandchild. Having been raised within a world view that concerns itself with the next seven generations, and because I had accepted that global warming was a real threat back in the 80's I find it shocking and horrifying when I run up against deniers. I take it very personally and am quick to whip out my granddaughter's photo. I even attach a photo of my granddaughter (currently 8 months old) to every letter I write to my Senator, Representative and President Obama. I do have a comment about the wording used in a sentence in paragraph four. Bill wrote, "After a year with a record number of multi-billion dollar weather disasters, seven in ten Americans now BELIEVE [my emphasis] that global warming is affecting the weather.” Back in the early 80's, while getting my undergrad, a very wise professor explained in Intro to Evolution: to believe relies on faith. Science does not rely on faith. The scientific method uses observation & measurements to produce data which may or may not be accepted as fact. Wouldn't it be more useful to say that 7 in 10 Americans now ACCEPT that global warming is affecting the weather? Yes, I believe in Gitchi Manido (Great Spirit). Yes, I believe that WegamindAukee (Mother Earth) is telling us she is hurting. And, yes, I accept that the atmospheric concentration of CO2 above 350 ppm is unsafe and that our current 390ppm must be brought down to safe levels before it is too late to reverse the process. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but what I will not accept is failure. I will not accept a future world where my granddaughter's children and grandchildren live without clean water, air and land. All My Relations.