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Is it the extra CO2 that has noticeably improved my fruit trees and vegetables? I have noticed a decline (I have a seperate meter for watering) in water use too. If so I love CO2!
I'm not enough of a botanist to know for sure, but it's certainly not implausible to me. I would never say that increased CO2 is invariably going to be harmful in all ways. Most responsible scientists say there will probably be winners and losers, both regionally and species-ally (I know that's not a word). Most suspect that there will likely be a lot more of the former. It's hard to imagine disrupting the entire climate of the planet at the rate it's happening and having it be anything but very disruptive for quite a while.
Most thistles I am aware of produce a heck of a tap root. There is a reason that these plants survive and even thrive where other plants fail to even germinate. The fact that they provide nectar and pollen sources to indigenous and domestic honey bees is an added bonus. During this time of CCD and loss of habitat, it will be plants that star thistle that might sustain bees in some areas almost exclusively.