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The author of Sick of Nature and Tarball Chronicles pushes environmentalism to the edge
Environmentalists can use that awareness of inevitable hypocrisy to change what they do. Maybe you shouldn't fly to that next conference on climate change; maybe all that travel to promote your books is less about changing the world and more about how much money you make from your books. I'll bet you encourage people to come up with innovative ways to fight climate change--why don't you come up with innovative ways to promote your books? Maybe you can travel by train or Greyhound bus instead of by plane. Not many people expect you to drop out of western civilization, but people can reasonably expect that you don't ask them to make sacrifices you're not willing to make. So if you keep flying and driving, it seems reasonable that you would be looking for environmental solutions that allow others to keep flying and driving too. If too much of your message is "Do what I say, not what I do," then it might be time to look more closely at what you do. It can lead to a deeper, more well-thought-out environmentalism. Did you see Steve Colbert the other night? He asked Bill McKibben if he bicycled down from Vermont to appear on the show, or if he drove down in a car "fueled with hypocrisy." You're right, we can't be completely "pure," but we've got to fuel the environmental movement with more than hypocrisy, if we hope to solve problems in the world.
Priceless, Ms. Rapp, Be prepared for Mr. Gessner's pit bull (aka the aging, graceless hippie Roorbach) to pounce and deracinate you. LeRoi
Woof woof! Actually, I think Ms. Rapp gives us a lot of good things to think about, and none of your jittery claptrap about commies, LeRoi. I'm actually very graceful, almost dainty, and pretty well timeless, by the way. And very much appreciate the dialogue.
I still see the "do as I say not as I do" (big brother is alive and well right here) as part of the environmental movement. And this article is just another example of "I forgive myself" journalism at it's best. Where are your electric cars and your solar panel homes? Show us pictures. A lot of people making money on the environmental ride.