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Drive on, Comrades! As the CEO of American Veterans Green Building & Energy, I believe it's our "duty" to bring these issues to the attention of the American people! This is another example of Veterans working "on point" to expose the "Environmental In-Justice" plaguing our country.

As a Service Disabled/Minority owned company we have been working for many years to develop innovative technologies to "eliminate pollution" and increase "Energy Efficiency" by promoting new, fireproof, earthquake proof, hurricane proof, Energy Star Approved, "Green Building Materials" from "recycled waste materials." After years of "fighting," the Building Codes were approved in May, 2009, so now we're ready to go!

We also have the technologies to "eliminate emissions" at every polluting smokestack in the World! "In Situ!" The basic technology (developed in 1961) "recycles" the "waste heat" and uses ALL the BTU's, dropping the temperature of the flue gas to ambient, which allows the mercury and heavy metals "drop out by gravity." Using vaporized propane, NOT wasting more water!

Now, we are working to get these new technologies into the next Energy Bill, and "break the American oil addiction!"

"Business as usual" is no longer acceptable! So, we congratulate and support our comrades mission to "wake up everybody!" You can see our "solutions" at
Or email me at for more info.

Personally, I was in the 1st CAV in Vietnam 1967-1968, coming home with a Silver Star and everyone "sleeping." So, keep up the great work, because if we don't do it, who will?