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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries
If everyone cared and fought for the environment as much as you did, Mr. Redford, the world would be a much better place. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.
If everyone "cared" as much as Mr. Redford, the world would be back to the days of candlelight and mule pulled carts. Except, of course, for the "elite" that can travel around in private jets, live in huge energy consuming homes and buy some "carbon credits" and feel, oh so much better about themselves. Nicole, wake up.
I don't think that is what he is saying... oh and I am awake thank you.
Even if you were right - and honestly, you're not - there's no such thing as 'going backward'. It's a myth that we could somehow, mysteriously return to being how we were in the past. Outwardly perhaps, but not in our acquired cultural inheritance. So we might, for instance, someday decide that candles and mule-drawn carts were actually a viable and enjoyable alternative to allowing these elites to steal-and-sell-back-to-us the non-renewable resources of our earth. Which is obviously what they're already doing anyway in order to "travel around in private jets, live in huge energy consuming homes", etc. But this wouldn't be going backward. It would, and could only be, a movement forward based on two centuries or more of awareness that we've gained since we last lived in that manner. Now mind you I'm not saying that candles & mules is going to be the answer! I'm only pointing out that the truly ignorant point of view is to believe that we can continue to embrace and support this corporate-centric system we were born into and somehow miraculously avoid the catastrophe that is clearly resulting from it. You can't change the system by working within the system. You have to discover something that is altogether different, more interesting and more fulfilling. And that could conceivably 'look' like a step backward, but it wouldn't be at all.
No Anonymous (read: Coward): You are the one who needs to wake up.
You're point of view is no way supported by bashing the "elite" unless that is your only point. Mr. Redford's attempts to preserve what we currently have in the way of wilderness and wildlife is not a call to return to the dark ages. It behooves us all to protect and preserve the world around us, not only for our benefit but the benefit of the generations that will hopefully follow. The recent oil spill in the Gulf should serve as a wake up call to those that think these kinds of disasters can't happen. Until we can be assured with 100 percent certainty that future environmental disasters can't occur we need to be proactive to protect what can't protect or speak for itself. Thank you Mr. Redford! I'm behind you 110 percent!
Stop the miners, Shut off the Limo, Go back to the silver screen. This is the west not fairy land.
Why did Air Quality hire an outside consultant to review the permit? Nice job Robert, explaining how this will hurt locals who dont profit from this. Sad indeed. I will go back in my hole now as they want...
OK, who named Robert Redford an "expert" on coal mining and coal needs? In any event, why would you (Redford and OnEarth) presume to think you know what is needed by us here and/or around the world? This is still America and as far as I know, it's not illegal to mine coal, nor is it illegal to use coal. You are one of the main reasons why our Nation is in such a decline. If YOU want to "save the world", do so on your own. Don't presume to tell Americans how we should live and what we can or can not burn.
OK, who named Robert Redford an "expert" on coal mining and coal needs?

So you're an expert now?

Don't presume to tell Americans how we should live and what we can or can not burn.

Calling the kettle black on this one, buddy. Nice try.
Tunnel Vision. This is what may Americans have. "This is the way we have been doing things and it has been good for ME. Therefore, we should continue doing this so that I can continue to have those things that are good." What America really needs is to do is to "think outside the box." That is, what can WE do to keep the life style we have learned to enjoy without strip mining or oil spilling or... ? Americans and their allies won World War II. If you look at the aircraft that were used at the end of the war versus those used at the beginning of the war, the difference was truly amazing. We Americans made that transition in about seven years. We are an innovative people. We should be the leaders in energy technology not the followers. Solar and wind are NOT the TOTAL answer because the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. Until electrical energy storage technology improves we will have to depend upon fossil fuels. When that happens we can be free from fossil fuels. Until then we have other "alternatives." If every American would not waste, we could significantly decrease our energy consumption. I don't mean that we should truly skimp on energy, just stop wasting. I see car dealerships with an obscene amount of lights on throughout the night. There is absolutely no NEED to have these on. If the excuse is that their competitors are attracting more customers because their lights are brighter and they need to have the lights on just to stay competitive then something needs to be done. Maybe all the car dealers in the area need to discuss how to "level the playing field" without all the wasteful energy consumption. They need to "Think outside the box." They could promote this "conservation treaty" to the press and try to attract more customers to their "dealership cluster" rather than other clusters. (Car dealerships seem to cluster in urban areas.) It's time to get out of our rut and think of things in different ways. Mr. Redford's efforts are the tip of the iceberg. Stopping a strip mine is metaphorically, blocking the tunnel. People don't like this. But if they didn't have tunnel vision where they insist on doing things the same way, this wouldn't be so objectionable.
As a native Utahn, preventing the development of this and future coal mines in the region is imperative. There are virtually no economic benefits to the existing SE Utah population whatsoever, which only stand to become West-West Virgina with continued coal/fossil fuel speculation and extraction. A few years of 'prosperity' will yield the total devastation of an already fragile environment, with the energy raiders leaving a poisoned country for an economically-depressed people. For those that disagree: a single visit to the country in question will clear you of your coal extraction cheerleading. Bryce Canyon and the surrounding areas are, without hyperbole, some of the most unique, beautiful, enchanting and vulnerable in existence.
Thanks for adding your local perspective to this discussion. Hope you'll feel inclined to put your name to your posts at some point.
Balance. It is what is missing from these debates. I have worked for strip mining coal companies who have wonderful environmental records- who actually make the environment better (yes, better) for wild flora and fauna after restoration is complete. They ensure that local communities are never stuck with the bill (in the event of economic difficulties) with extensive bonding and insurance. As a native Utahn and frequent Alton visitor, I want to preserve both this beautiful town and the historic 89 region, and believe it can be done with proper planning and care. Let's look for solutions that can provide for the energy needs of our country and planet, provide economic growth to Southern Utah, and preserve the historic beauty of this part of the state. If we don't become obstructionist or dogmatic, we can balance the environment with energy and economic development needs.
Dear Christopher Roberrts: Thank you for signing your name. I must however, take exception to the statement that a strip-mining operation can have a "wonderful" environmental record. The only truly viable energy Americans can work for now are sustainable; coal-derived energy is NOT sustainable; it is NOT clean (not any way along the process); the urgency now is for more than natural beauty - it's wildlife habitat, it's undoing the damage to sustainable agriculture (i.e., when all the bees die, what pollinates the crops?), it's obstructing (yes, some obstruction is necessary) corporations that do not invest properly in America, either its resources or its workforce. I'm sorry to be the one to inform you, as your post was both civil and reasonable, but you are fatally behind the curve. Please catch up to energy-industry of the future so that America can have one based on your input. Sincerely, Frances in California
I am happy to see a posting from someone with foresight and not just a fear about their immediate comfort level. As I sit here in a frigid room in Maine, as a protest against oil and coal, I am glad to know not everyone is thinking about their own comfort but can see the harm in changing the environment for short term gain. It is time to change - time to really think about what we do with our money and who we support when we make purchases. These are the types of changes that will eventually lead us to a more sustainable, less warring world. (And I have been AWAKE fr over 50 years!)
Mr.Redford, I am so proud of what a wonderful person you are ! I have been to Bryce Canyon and it is one of the MOST (( Awesome sights in the World ))! I would NOT want a stone in the that Beauty to be Harmed or touched ! I thank you for your Compassion for the things around you & the world we Live in ! I read some of the other comments ( Makes me feel ashamed that such people have so little value for Mankind and live in this world of ours & seem to take pride being stupid )! Please continue to fight this, to hold on our Amazing Special places ! So those of us who saw it once can View it again ! NOT to mention what it can & will do to the Air & water of which is Far reaching ! Again Thank you for being just a wonderful person ! Pay NO mind to those who just plain don't understand what Big Business is doing & has done to this country and others around the World (( if they ONLY KNEW )) !!! They just want to believe & follow the Right-wing NUTS ! I guess to take the attention off the Harm that is being done in the Name of progress ! So Sad ! R&L in MO
Who dares question the Sundance Kid? Thank you Mr. Redford for your tireless efforts on this and other environmental issues.
Mr. Redford is correct and better informed than the corporate trolls around here soiling not only our internet but our environment while they enjoy the relatively clean air and water for which they have no appreciation whatsoever. True justice would place the foul corporatists and families into a contained environment upon which they must attempt to survive among gross pollution, poisoned water and filthy air, choking and gasping upon the realization that it might not have been worth selling out our environment after all.
Really? Redford correct and better informed? Let me just mention a few things about this mine that seems to have been left out. 1) The mine can't even be seen from Bryce Canyon. No tourist would ever see the mine. Unless they had x-ray vision and could see through a plateau. 2) There are several coal burning power plants within the region including one by Delta, Utah. No demand for the coal? Hmm. I'm all for clean air, etc. But until there is a better solution, coal will continue to be one of our options. Wind turbines are unsightly and kill birds. Solar energy panels aren't that pretty to look at, either. I'm not convinced that's the way to go.