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Just another example of TransCanada's failure to answer truthfully. Those land agents have been bullying and intimidating Nebraska residents since this whole process started, what, four and a half years ago.
He says "It's not all about the pipeline" For a few years now it has been "all about the pipeline" for many of us. We have had to give up many of the things we want to do to get informed about the pipeline and inform others about the pipeline. Meals are interrupted with phone calls of the shenanigans transcanada is up to, we can't sleep because Transcanada has us so upset, we break out bawling because Transcanada is invading us some of us are even getting sick and having heart attacks because Transcanada has upset us so much.
The guy is a "Carpetbagger" ! ! What a con man ! ! ! And to use the church ! ! ! ! Tar and feather this guy and run him out of town ! ! !