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I'm what you call a denier ... that is I'm someone who looks at the evidence and weighs it dispassionately. But the real point is that like you I have noticed this significant decline in media interest. A long time ago I thought that eventually the media would realise they had been duped and turn against the warmers. But instead of fury, I just see lack of interest. The result is that you and me are now dinosaurs ... a bit like football fanatics still arguing about the 1966 world cup final and expecting anyone else to take our pearls of wisdom seriously. This is an argument none of us can win ... there never will be vindication ... the media may come back to the story to jaz up the next weather event, but the real truth is that they have absolutely no interest in finding out the truth and even less with dealing with the money grabbing people who ... let's be honest ... tried to make money from both camps (although the warmists had the overwhelming majority of money grabbing scamsters)
Just toss some numbers out as to which side has more of a financial interest. And which side has the current vast amounts of wealth to throw around millions of dollars defending the old status quo. You don't dare. There is no there there. The only AGW is able to go toe-to-toe with oil, gas, and coal is because AGW has hard scientific reality on its side.
No Mr. Haseler, you are the dinosaur, and as much as it makes me sad to hear it, my students here at the University of Utah, who are indeed learning the truth about the environment from me and other courageous professors, are waiting for you and your generation to die off before serious environmental work can be done. How does that feel? They want you and your ilk to simply move on to that great sitcom in the sky, and as quickly as possible. Erin R Silva University of Utah
To seriously confront climate change would be political suicide for any individual politician or political party that attempts it. Political suicide is immediate and all too real. Species suicide is somewhere in the vague and distant future. Therefore species suicide will actually occur before political suicide.