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The author of Sick of Nature and Tarball Chronicles pushes environmentalism to the edge
Thanks so much for your continued coverage on the Gulf oil spill. I was just down at St. Andrews Park on Jan. 15, 2012 in Panama City, FL and this topic was on my mind. What lies beneath seems to be easily ignored by the "powers that be". Gulf oil spill workers along the Gulf are having health problems that are most likely due to chemical exposure from picking up tar balls. Since the tar balls continue to wash ashore and oily mats are hidden beneath the sugar white beaches of the Gulf (nice image - vanilla swirl), how can anyone in their right mind give the impression that everything is A-OK?
Please watch the video. We want Justice for all those who have been made ill by the Oil Disaster Please help us.
Yes, thanks for the continued coverage and support. They are holding onto all their money that should be going to the locals who have been affected by this tragedy. My husband and I are musicians who were living in Orange Beach, Alabama at the time of the oil spill. We lost thousands due to this and have yet to be compensated. They tell us that they can't find a correlation between our losses and the oil spill. It is wrong. Not only have we suffered financially, they have changed our way of life. We no longer swim in the ocean or eat the local seafood. And we're not the only ones. Everything is different now. Please continue to spread the truth to the world. We are depending on people like you.
I don't live in the affected area, but that doesn't mean I'm not angry along with you at the way the fix is in. If folks have not yet begun to organize to bring one or more class action suits, I hope they will consider it. Indidivual posters, such as these posters, can wait for justice till the cows come home. Sure, BP and the other villains in the piece have deeper pockets that you individually. But collectively -- if you can find a judge or judges that haven't been appointed by Bush -- you might have a chance. Hope this can work for you. Giborah