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As was proven by Sir Richard Gregory nearly a century ago and shown in the book, "Through Space and Time" Sir James Jeans, the lake levels are correlated to sunspot activity. As shown in recent research, the lack of sunspot activity causes the lost of Higher Atmosphere Humidity, which is a green house gas. The lost of this green house gas causes a lost of hurricanes and the most needed precipitation. On the other hand, the lost of overall precipitation gives way to drought, then dust, then seeding of the clouds and then floods due to the hard ground and over whelming amount of rain in one place. We entered a solar sunspot minimum, January 2008. Joseph D'Aleo observes that the minimums consist of at least two sunspot cycles. Thus, the minimum will last until 2030, as I informed each State Governor a couple of years ago. Only two Governors responded and Texas was not one. Do Da! Paul Pierett Auburndale, Florida
Alyson, these scientists are talking about correlation, not causation. There seems to be a lot of correlation, but science's first rule is that correlation does not imply causation. Everyone wants to link the Texas drought to AGW, Hurricane Irene to AGW, etc, but I just don't see the scientific proof. What is it? What uniquely shows this drought is due to manmade factors affecting climate, and that it's not an unusual statistical fluctuation? David