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Thanks for lending your powerful voice to such a critical issue. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Could someone please point out which person within the NRDC is responsible for this?

Congratulations on your finding an audience and another home at the NRDC. I'm so proud of you Stephen! Thank you for speaking for the countless voiceless people and for making the rest of the world listen....

I have LEARNED much and FELT more...
Frustration, fury, heartache, helplessness, motivation, abject distain for the policies, practices and public decimination of falsehoods by TECO and the politicians in it's pocket and tremendous admiration for the persistence and courage of a people grounded in fierce love of the land, unyeilding strength and faith and abiding committment to community and family.
In these troubled times, if we, as a nation, could harness the tremendous character strengths of the people of Appalachia, we might not only survive, but thrive through this myriad of crisises.
I honor you and your kin... ancestors, contemporaries and future generations. You have given them a VOICE!