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Perhaps the S model is an elaborate yet attractive joke, I don't mind being flimflammed in a good cause.
Good article. Now that NYT's Public Editor has commented, I don't think much has changed. Her response was very even handed, and reinforces what the author here is saying: EVs have limitations and must be driven like an EV, not a gas-powered car. Broder neglected this fact. Tesla would have been gone years ago if his experience was at all representative of the EV driving experience.
A well-written article on an unfortunate dispute. I'd only point out that the majority of plug-in cars sold today have no range limitations at all. They're plug-in hybrids. Here's my take on the NY Times/Tesla kerfuffle:
Yes, I expect plug-in hybrids will sell in higher volumes than battery-electric cars because there isn't that concern over range.