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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries
We live in a world focused on increase in profit. For it animals have to die. But animals are not only killed. They are barbarous teased.How can humans be able to do such cruelty? I am so glad that there a many groups and federations which are fighting for the rights of sharks.And I am so glad to hear that the countries recognize the worth of these brilliant animals.Hope it will be continued for a better world.
I think it's great that you are using your fame to help our environment. I actually have a few ideas to share if you're interested. I know of a few ways you could reach a broader group of people. HMU if you're interested. I left my email in the box provided.
Sharks are wonderful species. This article is fascinating. Thanks Ian Somerhalder for doing these things. By telling the world all this. There are people so indifferent and I am sure that with your big heart and hard work, you're teaching people a lot. Excellent article. Eltha
I hope that this useless slaughter ends!!!! It is terrible to let to die in suffering of the poor animals just because it's fashionable fin soup dogfish!!!Is absurd in 2011!
A clear its concern Ian Somerhalder.É good when someone whose fame is at the apex, engages in helping the middle-ambiente.Tenha sure your fans will increasingly admired by isso.Um article sure did well for me days ... Thanks
It's a great article. Sharks are wonderfull sea animals. We should protect the sharks and the other animals:)Thanks for İan Somerhalder...
I fear Sharks (without reasons) BUT that doesn't mean they should be killed and shouldn't be protected!!!! Every animal in this planet is beautiful and deserve respect & life! :) Cheers from Venezuela!! <3 xoxo
okay first off i guess i was a bit ignorant to shark fining hadn't done much research now i hear these creatures God created to balance the eco system in the oceans is left to die still alive . OKAY NOT COOL!!!! You out there who may read this and who have attempted shark fining major shame on you!!!!!! okay let's throw you in the ocean with no legs or arms and see how U ! servive oh wait: that's the idea right !!!! Major phopaw for human-ity humane; meaning kind sympathetic, ity :whole humanity means all that is created mutual respect... major mad!!! many have NO RESPECT for what was created and given to admire ,love feed, nurture ALL CREATURES NOT JUST OURSELVES!!!!!!!!
Well said, and well written, Ian. I have never heard of this practice til you brought it to my attention. What a cruel and wasteful practice.. I am offended as an Indian: for if one does hunt, they should use all of the animal, so they do not have to keep going back into the wild, stressing the wildlife numbers by over-hunting. Leaving an animal to suffer an agonizing, and obviously unneccessary death, is not the way one practices subsistance living. Hunting and gathering. Number 2: Why anyone would hate any shark as a whole species or individually enough, to decimate it so, for no to little purpose (no one will DIE if they do not get shark fin to grind for Chinese or other medicines) is completely ununderstandable to me. In most free nations of the world, it is akin to Nazi-style torture, if tried on a human. No one will die without shark meat. I may be under-read on the subject, but no race is entirely or mostly dependant on shark meat to live on. If any race were, they would surely not hunt their previously bountiful (& I find beautiful, smart, fabulous, and powerful) native species into sufferance and ultimate extinction. It seems more the mindless, wasteful activity of those who have and are in abundance. The thoughtlessness of those who live with plenty. What's one shark to them. Or 1,000. I wonder how many shark populaces have declined, or are extinct, due to these practices in the past 10 years. Where do you get good stats on that?
We tend to forget all living creatures have different roles to play in order to keep our earth balanced. If we don't stop our disregard for fellow living beings we will damage our ecosystems and will not know of the damaging effects until it is too late.
VERY informative and well-written article, Ian...I thoroughly enjoyed its content and the links for the information about shark finning and where to go to rally against it. I honestly still can't believe that in a day an age such as this one, that needless suffering continues on for the world's creatures, including the sharks. It's sad that since humankind has inhabited the Earth, that many have done nothing but drive animals, plants, and even our own civilizations to the brink (and sometimes even over it). It's almost like there is some kind of directive which some people will blindly follow that states no matter how much you push something or take, that there will ALWAYS be more...but it isn't so. It NEVER was! Each year, I continue to read how this species or this plant-life is either on the brink or is no more. And each year, I have the sinking feeling that if something isn't done sooner rather than later that the Earth will have reached its' tipping point where-after there is no going corrective efforts to be made. I'm in full support of any campaigns, petitions, and public outcries for change because if our own governments aren't going to voice our concerns, then we have no choice but to voice them ourselves. And, hopefully, little-by-little we can undo the mistakes of our forefathers so that generations to come can still know what a shark looks tigers roar and wolves howl....instead of faded memories in books and television specials that show a world that only exists in the realm of imagination anymore. I cheer for the real world....IT'S WORTH FIGHTING FOR!
Thanks for writing this & helping the sharks! For those who are reading this & are interested to do something, please note that the voting on AB376 in California has been suspended, so PLEASE call your senators now! Thank you!
I´m ashamed cause my country, Chile, was named. Most of chilean people are against shark finning. In fact, eat shark body parts is not a custom here, but I must sadly recognize some people consider this a good bussiness, and others fish sharks just for their jaws (Jaw film have a great influence in ignorant people mind, who feels catch a small shark, cause are not big ones in chilean sea, is a courage proof). I apologize in name of my countrymen, to all world. And invited you to know the other face, the face of people who fight to conserve sea life: The San Antonio Museum.