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Opinions and observations from environmental experts, activists, and luminaries
Good luck from NL! Good work, man! We have a crown prince as Water Manager!
We need you here! Got a governor building "Roads to resources" and he just signed a bill not only allowing gravel with naturally occurring asbestos to be used, it also exempts road builders from future litigation resulting from health problems it will cause. Mesothelioma, anyone? Dooming current and future residents to a nasty painful death so that a Canadian mining company can get billions of dollars worth of copper out of the most pristine wilderness in Alaska.
Keep fighting the good fight, and if you're looking for a gifted writer to add to the team, I'd be there in a nano second! Peace, love and respect to you, Mr. Kennedy.
This nation needs a Methanol program. It is the cleaner alternative.
I would like to say thank you to mr kennedy for standing up for the earth and continuation of life..thank you for continuing the legacy of your strong uncles and family..we want to live and we want the next 7 generations to live...again...thank you
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During my lifetime your family has consistently represented my beliefs in Washington and you are continuing that honorable record. Thank you Mr. Kennedy.
Oil that is not transferred via pipeline will trucked or shipped. These processes will burn more fossil fuels and create SOx and particulate pollution that a pipeline would not.
Thank you for standing up for everyone in North America! So nice to see a "celebrity" doing positive works. Let's all band together and push for a clean environment and stop pushing dirty energy.
Not to mention the huge security risk of a big pipeline that everybody knows where is. If built, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Who wants this? Horror movie writers out of plot lines? We all need to wake up to the international concrete monsters. They promise jobs and deliver debt.