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It is interesting that you are in favor of the health of the delta, but you make no mention of the other big health issues effecting the delta.

Every day up to a billion gallons of partially treated sewage are dumped into the delta and its waterways by cities such as Sacramento, Martinez, Davis and Stockton -- turning the estuary into a toilet, according to the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta. The ammonia in the discharges is toxic to fish and humans. Why is that these towns are allowed to pollute the delta when it is in such critical condition? Is it that the export pumps are being used as scapegoats. We have had 20 years of pumping restrictions with no positive benefits to the fish populations.

Every day the delta's 12 native species of fish -- including the federally protected delta smelt -- compete for food and survival against 28 non-native species.

There are many health issues with the delta, but the only one that ever seems to be complained about is the export pumps. I smell conspiracy.

Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what you've said and still make it interesting. Well, at least I'm interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

Hi there Farmer2
I'm glad you bring up pollution of our Delta, because that's a very serious concern that also needs to be addressed very shortly. We cannot allow pollution of our rivers to continue while we have all the necessary technology to halt it - it's got to stop.
Meanwhile though, you may look at the Bay & Delta like a reservoir, simply a source of water, and it's so much more than that. We're talking about the most important estuary along the entire West Coast - and estuaries need fresh water flow-through to function.
I'm no scientist, but I keep doing this mental experiment and always come up with the same result:
Take 1/2 glass of water and add a drop of any pollutant you wish - then fill the glass up all the way and voila: the pollutant load has decreased by 50%.
All the way throughout the 90s, water exports from our Delta were pretty constant at about 4 1/2 million acre feet annually. Our Salmon populations crashed when these exports were ramped up to an average of 6 million acre feet (with a record of 6 1/2 million acre feet one year). Now think back to the little experiment we just conducted - could there be a correlation?
If you smell a conspiracy against farmers, you really aught to come to our coast and talk to some of our fishermen who have faced 100% unemployment now for 2 years.

How could you possible choose fish over 37,000 + some farmers and farm workers who have lost their jobs? These farms have been there for generations and the delta just stopped flowing to their farms so how are they the cause of fisherman having no jobs? understand this. The government was made to protect the people not protect the fish.

GET THIS: IF WE DON'T PROTECT FISH AND OTHER CREATURES ON THIS PLANET WHAT WILL YOU EAT WHEN THEY'RE ALL GONE? Should we start storing cow and deer dna so we can clone them and eat genetically modified meat too? Oh wait, we're eating genetically modified meat already, and who is to say that humans are so much more entitled to this planet than the other species that inhabit it? The fact that we have an opposable thumb? Or are you going by some outdated version of the bible (a work which I give great respect but take with a huge grain of salt considering that it was last translated by a major tyrant...) Another question, when you find out that the extra 5 percent of water you get from draining the delta isn't enough, where will you look for water next? It's time for California Farmers to wake up and either A) switch to crops native to California and therefore SUSTAINABLE or B) move their crops to their crops' native home's where growing conditions are favorable and will require less water to SUSTAIN

Save People not Fish?
I have a really hard time buying into your "people" argument as long as you let your farm workers die in your fields from heat exhaustion and dehydration, as long as you let your farm run-off contaminate your people's wells to the point that they have to buy bottled water with the meager wages they earn on your fields, because you poison their drinking water.
All the above (and too many other things to list here) shows very little regard for people.
An on top of that: Are citizens who live on the coast not also PEOPLE? Maybe not according to your logic...
So if you really care about the people, make sure they get decent wages and a safe workplace – quit abusing your workforce. Make sure your people have safe and clean drinking water coming up from their wells, and clean air to breathe. As soon as you do that I will concede.
In the meanwhile it seems that we people from the coast need the government to protect us from people such as you - and I’m sad to see that somehow we can’t seem to be able to live as good neighbors in the same State.
Have an excellent day.

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great response to a totally uninformed jerk, I really enjoyed your posts and they will crtainly help with school!