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I am an Austrian / German engineer who has been working wtihin car industry (development) for years and constantly drifted into renewable and sustainable energies and new technologies. Fellow scientists and myself would be able to contribute vitally to this change and even create hundreds of thousands sustainable working places all over the globe. Just let us do it. We would need concrete venture capital to raise new productions and research organisations and we would be able to arise completely new fields and revolute some of the current methods and improve. We have new damming materials - non burnable, non toxic, 100% recycleable, breathing (compared with Styropor) and cheaper than current construction materials - new batteries and many other more technologies, to further develop. We only need concrete projects, we can talk about and set them up. You already used Wernher von Braun once - to make some Americans dreams happen - use us now and we create more dreams together and let them become truth as well. We gladly would assist the plans of President Obama. How can we do it? I am an experienced project manager enough, to be able to discuss the visons - together make the plans and finally execute it until results are there.
The proposals of Pres. Obama fall far short of real action on CC?GW and much more as we may pollute our children to early deaths with our gross mishandling of biowastes. I state here as I have stated to many at NRDC and elsewhere; ONLY ONE ACTION CAN SAVE THE FUTURE FOR OUR DESCENDANTS; AND THAT ACTION IS TO MAKE THE SUN OUR OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I urge readers to send e-mails to various NRDC staff asking for action TO MAKE THE SUN OUR SOLE ENERGY SOURCE!!!!!!!!! By using the SUN'S ENERGY , we are tapping into a forever nuclear power system, a point that no one at NRDC seems to recognize. AND it is CLEAN ENERGY!!!! with no GHGs and no radioactive wastes. Google my name under J, or James Singmaster (III) for more complete details to clean the environment while getting clean energy using the SUN!!!!!